Below is a link to our stamp duty calculator (NSW). We hope this will help when you are crunching the numbers on your next purchase. If you need more detailed information please contact us we are happy to help even if its just to answer a quick question. Simply enter NSW in the top drop down box to begin.


Mortgage Experts are proud to announce a special offer available exclusively for NSW first home buyers during 2012.

Apply for a new home loan of $400,000 or more through Mortgage Experts before the end of 2012 and have your loan settle by the 31st of March 2013 to have your lenders application fee refunded or if applicable their annual loan package fees waived for the first 2 years of your loan. That's a potential saving of up to $790! Contact us and mention this offer to apply or to seek further details.

If you are after more info on NSW FHOG and the stamp duty concession rules and their changes from 01/01/2012 and the changes to come in from October 2012 please go to our NSW FHOG page. Our stamp duty calculator NSW has been updated to include the new "first home new home scheme" concessions that commenced from January 2012. The concessions available under the "NSW home builder's scheme" are also incorporated into the calculator.

Our stamp duty calculator NSW will calculate the standard NSW government fees and charges such as transfer fees (stamp duty) and mortgage registration fees.

Please note that our stamp duty calculator NSW also has a field for mortgage stamp duty. Mortgage stamp duty is a tax levied on borrowers based on the total loan amount(s) that are secured by a mortgage. This duty was thankfully abolished for advances made for personal and investment purposes in 2007 and 2009 respectively. It still applies for loans made for business purposes and for loans in non personal names (such as in a company or trust name). Our stamp duty calculator NSW will sometimes quote the mortgage duty fee for a given scenario however most natural borrowers are now exempt from paying this fee. All lenders are required to include the mortgage stamp duty fee in their loan offers (even if you are exempt). Some will charge the fee and have it refunded post settlement when the land titles office is satisfied that no duty is deemed payable. Most lenders no longer charge the fee if it is not going to be payabel. Always allow for this as part of your deposit as you may have to cover it until it is refunded. As a rule of thumb allow $1000 for every $250,000 in loans or put another way 0.4% of the loan amount(s). Mortgage duty was scheduled to be abolished entirely in July 2012 but has now been delayed until 2013.

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Calculator usage disclaimer: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this calculator the results should be used as an indication only. They are neither a quote nor a pre-qualification for a home loan.