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10 townhouses - Brisbane

Our client had a DA approval to subdivide 2 residential blocks and construct 10 townhouses in an established suburb in the South of Brisbane. The product was a unique townhouse development and our client felt a much better sale price could be achieved if they could be sold on completion rather than being pre-sold. Our client had a current mortgage at 50% LVR on the land and was seeking development finance to fund 100% of the development costs + capitalised interest and costs.

town houses


Mortgage Experts arranged a facility through a private development funder which was geared to 70% of the completed value of the 10 townhouses exclusive of GST.  This was sufficient to cover 100% of the refinance amount on the site, 100% of construction costs, and 100% of interest and establishment fees.

The facility had no requirement for pre-sales.

Total Loan:$3,650,000
GVR:70% (exclusive of GST)
Interest Rate:10.25%

22 lot subdivision – Sydney

Our client had located a 5 acre vacant land site with DA approval for a 25 lot subdivision in the Northern suburbs of Sydney. The site was being sold for $9,000,000 and was being offered with a 6 month delayed settlement. The client had extensive experience with civil works, earth moving and development and recognized that the site had a great potential for profit. However, the client had little in the way of equity to secure the site. The client did though manage to negotiate with the vendor a contra deal whereby the client would complete earthworks on another of the vendor’s sites for a $2,500,000 reduction in the sale price. This reduction of the price formed the client’s equity contribution to the project, but the client still needed funds to enable the exchange of contracts, pay stamp duty and pay for the civil works. Funding was also required to settle the land in 6 months time.



Mortgage Experts arranged a joint venture partner to provide all the necessary capital to exchange contracts, pay stamp duty and fund the civil works. The client and the joint venture partner then secured a joint development finance loan and mortgage through an institution / non bank lender to complete the settlement. On the sale of the individual blocks, the loan was paid back first, followed by the respective equity contributions. Then the profit was split 50 / 50 between the client and joint equity partner.

Equity contribution from client:$2,500,000
Equity contribution from joint venture partner:$3,100,000
Joint loan from non bank funder:$6,800,000
GRV on joint loan:37%
Interest rate on loan:11.95%
Net Profit (shared 50/50):$4,249,000

Subdivision of Residential Land – Gold Coast Queensland

Our client had obtained DA approval for an 11 lot subdivision of land and needed to complete the purchase urgently. They had been working with a major lender that they had been dealing with for years. However after the loan had been conditionally approved, the process of obtaining the funding broke down, with the loan offer eventually being withdrawn. This left the clients with only 3 weeks to settle the purchase.


Mortgage Experts help arrange a facility via a non bank and was able to settle within 3 weeks. The facility had no requirement for pre-sales.

Total Loan:$1,400,000
Interest Rate:11.75%
for sale sign

Refinance of loan on development site – Northern Beaches Sydney

Our client wanted to refinance a loan on a development site of 1800 m2 located in Sydney’s Northern beaches. This site had a DA in place for 6 townhouses. Our client had minimal previous development experience. They had completed the purchase with a loan amount of $950,000 which was priced at 15% p.a. as their lack of experience meant they did not meet the guidelines of the mainstream development finance lenders.


Mortgage Experts arranged a facility via an institutional non bank funder to refinance the loan. As the client had no immediate plans to commence development, we were able to process the loan as an acquisition of residential land rather than a commercial facility or a development finance facility, and therefore had it priced accordingly. As the land was valued as a residential block rather than a development site, the valuation was lower. However, we were able to push the LVR from 60% to 80% to compensate.

Total Loan:$960,000
Interest Rate:4.85%
house plans

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