Finance for an unusual property types

Lenders have very different policies when it comes to what is considered an acceptable security property for a residential loan. Some may finance a certain type of property but will restrict the loan to value ratio (LVR) available while others may say no altogether.

We are experts on what lenders will and won’t do. This is truly one area of finance where all lenders are not the same. A perfectly good property in one lenders eye is deemed unacceptable to another. Anything slightly unusual about a property can make it a no go zone for some lenders who since the GFC have become more and more conservative / picky in this regard.

Don’t just take your banks word for it! Often there are solutions with other lenders that won’t cost you anymore, in fact can be cheaper. Often these types of properties will be far better investments in terms of rental yield than a stock standard residential house in the suburbia.

We have options for financing: