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Property Investors

Do you need more than just a loan?

A large percentage of our clients are investors. One of our main strengths and points of difference from other mortgage brokers and branch lenders is our practical loan structuring advice. We help our investor clients achieve their investing goals while also providing advice on loan set ups that provide maximum future flexibility and control.

In short we ask what you want to achieve, then we map out how to get there. Common investor problems that we can help you with are fixing incorrectly / inefficiently structured loans, accessing equity when your lender says no more, overcoming servicing constraints when your lender says no more and assistance with complex structures such as company and trust lending.

More information for investors:

90% home loans & 95% home loans

We specialise in high loan to value ratio (LVR) loans including 90% home loans, 90% investment loans, 90% refinance and cash out loans, 95% home loans and 95 per cent investment loans.

Lenders have very different risk appetites for high LVR loans and these appetites do change from time to time. As we specialise in this area we have a very good understanding on not only what the current bank and mortgage insurers polices are but also how these policies are actually interpreted. This is vital to avoid the disappointment of having a loan declined.

We also specialise in structuring loans for investors seeking high LVR loans to minimise their overall mortgage insurance costs and to avoid cross collateralisation.

More information for high LVR loans:

Finance for an unusual property types

Lenders have very different policies when it comes to what is considered an acceptable security property for a residential loan. Some may finance a certain type of property but will restrict the loan to value ratio (LVR) available while others may say no altogether.

We are experts on what lenders will and won’t do. This is truly one area of finance where all lenders are not the same. A perfectly good property in one lenders eye is deemed unacceptable to another. Anything slightly unusual about a property can make it a no go zone for some lenders who since the GFC have become more and more conservative / picky in this regard.

Don’t just take your banks word for it! Often there are solutions with other lenders that won’t cost you anymore, in fact can be cheaper. Often these types of properties will be far better investments in terms of rental yield than a stock standard residential house in the suburbia.

We have options for financing:

Unusual income or employment

Do you have an income or employment situation that is a bit different or complex?

Many lenders have very stringent and divergent requirements about the types of employment and income they will accept. Often what is OK with one lender is not OK with another. We have had great success over the years helping credit worthy borrowers get their loans approved who may have had a slightly out of the ordinary income or employment situation that just didn’t quite fit with their existing lender or main financial institution.

Some of the main things we can help with are listed below but there are many more areas where we can help such as assisting those who may have multiple jobs, are on probation, receive large bonus payments as part of their salary, new arrivals to Australia seeking a 90% LVR loan and much more.

More information on unusual income or employment situations:

Our Current Lender Panel

What our clients are saying

    "Marty was fantastic! We swore never to use a broker again after bad experiences with other brokers in the past, and our last loan we negotiated ourselves, however this time we needed a mortgage... " – Blake Millgate
    "It is impossible to exaggerate how highly I rate Mortgage Experts and my experience with Marty McDonald... " – Brendan Arlington
    "Mortgage Experts have provided a fantastic experience in an area that can be complicated and emotional. Marty was always clear and precise and always made time to discuss the matters at hand... " – Brett Parker
    "I was really impressed with Marty's services. He was responsive to emails and calls, considered a range of options, and kept me informed at every stage. He was also very patient... " – Elise Darsow
    "Marty was great to deal with. From initial contact to finding a perfect solution and strategy to our situation to then securing the funding in a tight time frame nothing was too much trouble... " – Nick and Blaise Porter
    "Great service! All the advice I've received in the past has been really helpful. Love the newsletters which keep me updated on developments in the market. Highly recommended! " – Nick Jolly
    "I have used Marty's mortgage brokerage service (Mortgage Experts). He has been professional, resourceful, gone beyond the call of duty in servicing my mortgage. He has been able to... " – Prithvi Moses
    "We’re both really happy to have been able to get this sale across the line and are particularly grateful for you finding us a way to make the finance work! Walking into our new home... " – Sarah Macdonald & Stewart Bovell
    "We found Marty McDonald from Mortgage Experts through a Google search because he had a hugely informative page about family trust loans. Choosing Marty as our broker was a huge blessing... " – Tracey Cools

Bigger discounts available on home loans now available!

Lenders are really going after new business at the moment. The discounts we are seeing clients get for larger loans with a reasonable deposit or equity are unprecedented.

Discounts currently available:

  • * Loans over $500,000 and with 20% equity or deposit - 1.20% pa discount off the standard variable rate!
  • * 1, 2 & 3 year fixed rates below available variable rates pa!
  • * Do you have a large loan portfolio? Let us negotiate for you!

Check out the Current Mortgage Rates page for more indicative interest rates.

There has never been a better time to let us go into bat for you. Contact us today to lock in your discounts before the lenders have a rethink on their margins!

Mortgage Experts - Our story

Mortgage Experts are mortgage brokers set up to provide our clients mortgage broking services. We are based in Lindfield in Sydney's North but offer our expertsie to clients throughout Australia.

When dealing with Mortgage Experts your enquiry will be dealt with by a true mortgage broker expert from the outset so you will be confident that you are getting the right information and advice. With years of hands on experience we will quickly work with you to determine which lenders will approve your loan and from there work with you to decide on the best lender and loan.

Mortgage Experts is managed by Marty McDonald who is also our principal mortgage broker and an Australian Credit Licensee. Marty has over 10 years at the coal face experience as a mortgage broker and has helped well over 1000 individuals and families with their loan needs in that time. Mortgage Experts has an office located in Lindfield in Sydney's North and has IT and loan processing support provided by Connective OSN (one of Australia's largest mortgage broker aggregator's).

Are Mortgage Experts different from other mortgage brokers?

Yes we think so. We are very good at getting loans approved.

We focus on knowing the different lenders' and mortgage insurers' policies back to front and inside out. This means we have a better understanding than most other mortgage brokers when it comes to which lender will approve your loan application and which ones won't. We use this knowledge to get your loan approved the first time and to get you the best deal possible.

Unlike a lot of our competitors we also don't play favourites with lenders. Did you know that many of the most proficient mortgage brokers in the country use one main lender which they send over 70% of their clients to? Mortgage Experts on the other hand doesn't try and make a borrower fit with a lender but finds a lender that fits with a borrower.

Mortgage Experts - what we actually do:

  • Assess which lenders will likely approve your loan application from a panel of over 20 lenders (including all the major banks)
  • Find you a great deal from that short list of lenders
  • Provide loan structuring advice to minimise your future hassles and give you maximum flexibility
  • Help with all the loan application paper work
  • Help guide you through the loan, property buying and refinancing processes
  • Provide after settlement mortgage advice as needed 
  • Preform loan maintenance tasks such as switching to fixed rates and changes to loan amounts

Mortgage Advice by Mortgage Experts

Being the sharing souls we are we also offer free no obligation mortgage advice to those of you who may just want some general mortgage advice rather than actually enquiring about a loan. We don't expect you to use our services just because we give you free mortgage advice although you are free to do so. We also promise we won't spam you forever if you ask us a question! Just let us know that you just have a general mortgage advice question and we will be more than happy to assist with our opinion / mortgage advice. We believe in the power of sharing! Even better post your mortgage advice related question anonymously in our mortgage forum.

Mortgage Advice is an area where we really can really add value for a borrower. Yes we can often get you a better deal on your next home loan but where we really come into the fore is making sure your loans are set up correctly for the future. This is especially true for investors with more than one property.

This site is a great resource for mortgage advice and may already have the answers to your questions. If you can't find what you are looking for check out the mortgage advice forum and feel free to post your question there. You can also search this site using the "search this site" box near the top left of this page.

Lex Luther Enterprises Pty Ltd (ABN 58114636949) trading as “Mortgage Experts” is an Authorised Credit Representative (444479) of Martin Warren Thomas McDonald, Australian Credit Licence (391230) under s64(1) of the National Consumer Protection Act 2009.